Cold-pressed. Be obsessed.

Welcome to our Juicy Wonderland. Feel free to be the curious rabbit that you are. Hop about. Explore. Lose yourself in the glorious world of fruits and vegetables. Our juices are cold pressed from fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, when we can. Have a sip. You’ll want more. And more. And more.

At Juice Junkie, we believe in inspiring you to lead a healthy, carefree life—one juice at a time. It’s really quite achievable once you’ve tasted our cold-pressed juices. They’re so delicious, unprocessed, and full of the goodness that your body craves. The best part is, they fit nicely into your busy schedule. Just hop over to our store. Or order online to have your juice delivered to your doorstep. And enjoy!

The Juicy Details

The seed for Juice Junkie was planted in the US. Our founders were amazed at how big the juicing trend was becoming. Being curious bunnies, they tried a juice cleanse. It was love at first sip! Soon, they couldn’t stop themselves from putting cold-pressed juices into their grocery baskets. The juices didn’t just taste good; they made them feel good. Returning to Singapore, their need to share their healthy passion grew (along with the intensity of their withdrawal symptoms). The rest, as they say, is history.

“We believe it is all about making small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. True health cannot be achieved overnight; it is the result of a conscious lifestyle choice. We encourage you to have a juice every day and make a change for life.”